Breaking the Cycle of Poverty through Discovery, Partnership, and Empowerment of godly Mozambican leaders.

The Mozambique Team

This is the team on the ground; the ones that make the day-to-day organization happen.


Bernardo Magira

Bernardo is a member of our board of directors and he skillfully handles our Mozambican paperwork, administration, and documentation, and is a good friend. He and his wife, Delfina, have three kids, who are about the same age as the Reinagels'.

After working a number of years in the banking industry, Bernardo has recently felt called to open his own business in consulting, organization, and administration. Jon currently shares an office with him and they have many great conversations about the culture and what God is doing.

Carla Reinagel

Carla grew up in a missionary family, living on Youth With A Mission bases in the States and Russia for part of her childhood. She embarked on her first solo trip when she was 18, spending 6 months in Bangladesh teaching English and leading worship in a local church. Through that time, God confirmed His call on her life to long-term missions and she decided to pursue teaching English as a second language as a career. She spent one summer break from college teaching in China as well.

While studying at the University of Missouri--Rolla, she met Jon, who had just returned from his trip to the Philippines. Their mutual calling drew them together from the start. They graduated, married, and found themselves in Africa in the space of one year. Now that they're back in Moz, Carla still loves teaching, and can be found instructing people in anything from the Bible, to English, to sewing, to guitar, to typing. She longs to see Mozambican young people have a better chance at changing the future of their country. She also has a soft spot for the marginalized and forgotten, and spends a good bit of time trying to help widows develop ways to support themselves.

Jon and Carla have two children, Kyran (5) and Jariel (3) who get to continue the family tradition of growing up in missions. They attend a Nigerian/Kenyan/Zimbabwean school in Mozambique where they have been able to make friends and assimilate into the culture.

Dino Armando

Dino joined Equip Mozambique to help with videos, computers, Source of Life application and the media; He also helps us with other things. He is a young man who studies at Pedagogical Universityof Mozambique in the field of computer science, his greatest desire is to improve and gain more skill in the world of technology, especially in the areas of Audiovisual, Computer Network and hardware. He has a strong will to learn; He has dreams of taking a course in Audiovisual (FILMING AND VIDEO EDITING) outside of Mozambique. He loves to serve God in the area of ​​Media, it is visible the passion that he hasHe is recently married to Julia.

Joshua 24; 15

Eliseu Botelho

Eliseu Botelho recently joined Equip Mozambique with the purpose of collaborating and allying himself in the development of the application "Source of Life", currently he studies at ESTEC - Pedagogical University - Beira, taking the computer course with skills in engineering and software development. One of your dreams is if God wants to perfect the programming and development of systems and applications that benefit, help or solve small and big problems in systems, from the web platform to the hybrid applications. Programmer and developer in languages ​​C #, Java, Visual Basic, html5, PHP, MySql, SQL server. He developed the "BIOSP Desk" System for a Social Action NGO here in Beira and has been running since August 2016. God is and is above everything else in his life, a servant of God seeking to know his depths and the first fruits of the Holy Spirit and to walk according to the will of his Father who is in heaven. Play and enjoy music "GOSPEL" likes to cook (exotic dishes), multi-instrumentalists. Lives in the city of Beira in Mozambique, with his parents Botelho Loureço Piripiri and Celeste Mário Piripiri and his two brothers. Its focus is to serve God in and out of time relentlessly and is based on Philippians 3:14

Flavia Messias

Flávia Horácio joined team Mozambique as a collaborator helping in the area of ​​purchases and sales, she lives with her daughter slanny whom she loves very much, she is happy to be part of the team because being in the team for her is to serve others like Jesus Taught. Flavia's desire is to see the purposes and objectives of equip Mozambique spread to many countries in order to equip them, because the more the project grows, the more people will be equipped, and some will see some of their needs fulfilled. It has been a great blessing in our midst.

Janie Smith

Caileigh Jane, or "Janie", visited Jon and Carla for two months toward the end of their last time in Mozambique. Through that experience she fell in love with missions in general, and Mozambique in particular. She is a photographer and writer, and her part on the Equip Mozambique team is to help with communications, administration, and visitor hospitality. She is passionate about church unity, and wants to see more believers from different backgrounds coming together to glorify God as one body.


Jon Reinagel

Jon was raised in a pastor's family, but found Christ for himself during his freshman year in college. He became active in the Vineyard church, led many Bible studies and brought several friends to the Lord. One year he turned down a lucrative summer internship and went on a mission trip to the Philippines instead. His life has never been the same. That summer, he felt God call him to the nations, and he has followed that calling ever since. He spent another summer break in Brazil, and after college he married Carla and pursued God's leading to Mozambique in 2008. They served there with Iris Ministries for 3 years as directors of a base that included an orphanage, Bible school, compassion ministries, relief work, and a pastors' network. They returned to the States for 3 years, where Jon worked as a Resident Director at the Missouri University of Science and Technology until God called them to establish a new mission organization and return to Mozambique.

Jon's passions and skills for discipleship and leadership development are sorely needed in Mozambique, and there is never a lack of work for him. He currently spearheads the business creation, church partnership, and overall vision portions of the Equip Mozambique team. He also designs websites, does import/export, and creates videos on the side.Jon and Carla have a combined decade of work overseas on three different continents, but the majority of their time has been spent in Mozambique, where they worked with Iris Ministries overseeing a children's center, Bible school, and pastoral support network. The past several years have been spent recovering and working at the Missouri University of Science and Technology where Carla taught English and Jon worked as a Resident Director for Residential Life. They have two children, Kyran and Jariel.

Jon's passion is for discipleship and leadership development are sorely needed in Mozambique, and there is never a lack of work for him. He currently spearheads the business creation, church partnership, and overall vision portions of the Equip Mozambique team. He also designs websites, does import/export, and creates videos on the side.