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Tony Pierce

Reverend Tony Pierce

The Reverend Tony E. Pierce is Co-Senior Pastor of Heaven's View Christian Fellowship and CEO of Heaven's View Community Development Corp. He is also Co-Founder of the Community Transformation Institute and Co-Developer of the Community Transformation Ministry Model, with its Community Transformation Ministry Development SystemSM. The Community Transformation Ministry Model serves to reduce and eliminate poverty on a regional basis, while increasing regional prosperity through a system of regional faith-based and community-based economic development projects.


Heaven's View Christian Fellowship was birthed in December of 2005, in Peoria, IL, out of the merger of an urban predominantly African-American congregation and a suburban predominantly Anglo congregation under the leadership of Co-Senior Pastors Tony Pierce and Cliff Parks. It was the first time in the approximately 300 year history of Peoria that Black and White churches merged to demonstrate the power of Christ in racial reconciliation ministry.

Rev. Pierce is passionate about demonstrating the saving and unifying power of Christ in the midst of diversity; and the power of Christ to conquer the problems of poverty, illiteracy, and other social ills. It is that perspective and passion that he brings to the board of Equip Mozambique. Rev. Pierce lives in Peoria, IL, with his wife Dr. Valeria Pierce.