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Audio Bible App

For hundreds of years, people and organizations have worked and are still working across the globe to translate the Bible into the heart languages of every tribe, tongue, and nation on earth. Once their translation work is completed, the challenge remains for how to distribute the completed Bible to the people for whom it was made. This is further compounded with language groups that have low literacy rates, so before being able to use a print Bible they would require extensive education efforts. Recognizing this challenge, many organizations have taken the further step to record the translated Bibles into a more accessible audio format. However, the challenge remains, how to distribute the audio Bibles?

In this modern age, cell phones are widely popular and rapidly becoming more accessible, and this trend will likely continue. Even in Africa, smartphones are flooding the market and becoming more affordable every year. Seeing this opportunity, the team of Equip Mozambique created an app called “Fonte da Vida” or “Fountain of Life” to make the translation and recording work of other organizations more readily available to anyone with a smartphone. Initially launched in Mozambique in August 2016, version 3.0 in April 2017 spread to the rest of the Portuguese-speaking nations of Africa, complete with all the native languages of those countries as well. Next we plan to launch in all the English-speaking countries, followed by the French- and Arabic-speaking ones! Our goal is to have the Word of God in a relevant and accessible format available to every African with a smartphone.

In addition to audio Bibles, the app features sermons and discipleship materials from the local churches in their languages as well. For those who can read well, there are also public-domain e-books to assist in Bible study, such as commentaries, dictionaries, and geography resources.

This is one of our ministries that has benefitted the most from volunteers-from-afar, as we are still working on training up Mozambicans to have the computer skills to proficiently code something on this level. We are always looking for more volunteer programmers willing to donate their time to helping this work go further and faster!

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