God’s Leading and Empowerment

  • An active, vibrant, personal relationship with God is at the core of this organization, and we believe that all fruitfulness comes from this connection to the Creator.
  • We believe in partnering with what God is already doing, so we value His guidance in all decisions. We expect this partnership to result in greater productivity, as we believe God cares about ministry and helping people even more than we do, and we will follow His initiative.
  • We believe that God is still alive and active in our lives through the living Word (the Bible) and the work of the Holy Spirit. We welcome the Holy Spirit to work in us and through us by means of spiritual gifts, and look to scripture for solutions to every problem we face.
  • We trust that God’s provision is all encompassing and that He will provide for our every need as long as we walk in faith and trust in Him. Therefore we do not ask other people for our needs, but allow God to provide for us through others as He lays on their hearts.
  • Because we are working for God, we value giving our absolute best and working with integrity.

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