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Version 2.0 Launched

App updated to include ability to download and listen offline to Bible and Teachings.

10,000 Downloads Reached

Fonte da Vida reaches 10,000 downloads on the Play Store, most of which are in Mozambique

App Launched!

Fonte da Vida is launched with much excitement at a large local conference. There are 1000 users within the first couple weeks.

Phase: Implement

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Phase: Planning

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God’s Leading and Empowerment

An active, vibrant, personal relationship with God is at the core of this organization, and we believe that all fruitfulness comes from this connection to the Creator. We believe in partnering with what God is already doing, so we value His guidance in all decisions. We expect this partnership to result in greater productivity, as we believe God cares about ministry and helping people even more than we do, and we will follow His initiative. We believe that God is still alive and active in our lives through the living Word (the Bible) and the work of the Holy Spirit. We welcome the Holy Spirit to work in us and through us by means of spirit...

Deep blue

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Giving to the comunity

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Ocean Waters

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Turtle Power

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