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Reconstruction Efforts After Cyclone idai

After cyclone Idai we met with our partners where we did a feasibility study in order to find ways to help victims. As we have noted, many of them lost their temples. This way, they still need a lot of help, as we could realize in their words. We have friends who run a cement factory in the area, and we have worked with them to secure discounts for churches that were leveled in the storm. Jon is also trying to import roofing materials from South Africa, as the high demand made the local prices skyrocket.

Community Health Education

With the outbreaks of cholera and typhoid, it is important to educate people about how they are spread and how to avoid catching them. A medical student named Antonio is interning with our tech team to help create the medical app, and he is offering training to members of the community to stop the spread of these diseases.

The last graduation of the Sewing School (2018)

We have seen the wonders that God has done in our midst, these women have in a very high testimony, they now feel fulfilled because they can already do what they could not do before. And as a sewing school restoring dreams, we feel privileged to serve this wonderful God through this project that has changed the lives of many needy women and widows.

Media Training

When we asked the churches in the area what they needed help with, the resounding answer was Media training - many want to use sound systems or projectors or video but have no idea how to. So we started a 6 week media training in response to this need. Dino gives most of the lessons and Jon gave some of the more advanced lessons. We saw participants from over 15 churches arrive for the training, and they are very encouraged in their new found skills.