Back in Moz

We’re Back in Moz!

There and Back Again
It’s been a while since we sent out an update, we’ve been busy traveling the world!
Here’s a recap of our trip:

  • Drove 6,000 miles in the car
  • Flew 23,000 miles in an airplane
  • Passed through 8 airports
  • Visited 7 countries (en route)
  • Slept in 18 different places
  • Spoke at 8 churches / groups

It was great, but let’s just say we’re glad to be home, sleeping in our own beds, kids back in school, and all of us back into a semblance of a normal routine!

First we flew to Germany where we got to attend a conference on technology and missions. Jon was able to share about the Fountain of Life app, teach a breakout session, and network with other programmers and tech-savvy missionaries who were excited about what we’re doing!
Our first stop in America was St. Louis, Missouri, so that Jon’s parents could meet their newest grandbaby! It was also good to speak at their church, a congregation that has prayed for us from the beginning.
Next we stopped through Kansas City on our way to Lyons, Colorado to have a reunion with Carla’s side of the family. While we were there Jon flew to Texas to present at a church in the Dallas area.
Then we drove out to eastern Tennessee for some quality time with the Reinagel side of the family.
We spent a couple of weeks in our hometown of Rolla, Missouri, where it was good to reconnect with old friends and speak at two churches in the community.
Our last stop was Peoria, Illinois, where we spoke at the Saturday night and Sunday morning services of a church we love and admire.
After flying back to Mozambique we still had a 17-hour drive to get home since we had flown out of the capital city. Our kids are troopers, and we finally made it home!

Praise Reports:

  • That we had safe travels and were able to reconnect with so many people.
  • That most of the Equip Mozambique operations were able to continue even in our absence thanks to our stellar team!
  • That some dear friends let us borrow their car for our entire time in the States!
  • That we had a very good meeting with some of our board of directors that was able to give us some clarity and strategy as we move forward.
  • That we were able to sell hundreds of items from the sewing school and form partnerships with some organizations who will continue to buy from us!

Prayer Requests:

  • We have several other opportunities and invitations to partner with many exciting projects. Please pray that we would have wisdom in which ones to accept and which ones to turn down.
  • Please pray we would be able to find more partnerships with companies and organizations that would be able to help us with selling the sewing school products.
Thanks for reading, please remember us in your prayers! 
In the plane on the way home! It is so good to be back!

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