Getting Closer

It is truly unbelievable how quickly time flies… We just officially bought the tickets to leave on Christmas Eve for Mozambique. In a few short months we will be treading through the African bush, swatting malaria-laden mosquitoes, sleeping in tents and mud huts, and sharing God’s love with a bunch of refugees, dump-dwellers, destitute people, and AIDS orphans. Though honestly, we know that we are going to receive so much more than we could possibly give. These kids at the children’s centers with Iris Ministries know God’s presence, glory, and power so much better than we do–we want to learn from them even more than we want to teach them. They refuse to be called orphans. They know they are adopted by their Abba Father, and they are loved, sheltered, fed, and cared for every day. So many people in the affluent Western world are the real orphans. We don’t know our Abba. We live feeling rejected and alone. We don’t even understand what physical starvation feels like, let alone spiritual hunger. In Mozambique we will be able to meet 8-year-olds who have healed blind eyes and paralyzed legs. We will be able to worship next to hundreds of children who hunger for Christ even more than they long for food. It is truly humbling and inspiring how much they know their God.
We’re growing more excited every day! Pray for us if you think about it, we definitely have a lot to do to finish getting ready. God bless!

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  • Anonymous
    July 14, 2015 (3:13 pm)

    I just love reading all of these, they are all so amazing to hear about!

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