Heading back soon

Well, it has been a very long time since we sent out an update, so I guess it’s time for one, ey?

Since coming back to the States we have visited: Kansas City, St. Louis (multiple times), Ohio, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Iowa, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Kansas (and Jon will be going to Arkansas soon). Kyran is 3 months old and has already been to 16 states! We were very blessed in each case that we were able to see friends and family, fellowship and share about our work, receive prayer and support, and overall get refilled before going back to Mozambique. Speaking of which, we head back in just two weeks–June 15th. Many thanks to all of you who invited us to speak at your churches, who opened up your homes for us to stay, and who continue to hold us up in prayer as we prepare to go back!

It is so much fun watching Kyran grow, develop, learn, and figure out his world. He already knows it involves a lot of sitting in the car seat! He is a very healthy, happy, intelligent little baby who loves to study the things around him (especially ceiling fans and light fixtures), he enjoys books and bath time, and he’s almost to the point of being able to sit up by himself! He’s also a good sleeper, which is a mercy for his parents :-). 


I love bath time!!! 

Kyran Jay, 3 months old

Please do pray for us in these last few weeks, as we are facing a number of difficulties:
1. We still don’t have our visas to get back into the country, we have been waiting for several months to receive letters from Iris in Mozambique but communication has been very difficult and now we are very close to leaving and we still don’t have what we need to apply for the visas. Please pray that all gets sorted out very quickly, and that we have favor with the embassy and get GOOD visas this time!
2. Shortly before we left Mozambique we had to fire a worker who was very corrupt (who also is involved in the government, about the equivalent of a state senator in the US), but now he is suing us for $8,000 for “tarnishing his reputation”. Jon has to go to court soon after we get back to Mozambique. The ex-worker is friends with the judge, and in Africa connections often trump justice, so please pray that by a miracle we can win the court case.
3. Our co-director and best friend, Pastor Abel, resigned from Iris, so we won’t be working with him anymore. That was very sad news. Please pray that we will still be able to do our work without him, as he was such an integral part of our daily life.
4. Please also pray for traveling mercies on our trip back. It’s a long, difficult journey for anyone, and now we get to do it with an infant, so pray Kyran does as well with planes as he does with cars! 

Thanks again for your prayers, they do change things!
~Carla, Jon, and Kyran Reinagel


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