July Update

Hello everyone!

We have been back for 4 weeks now, and it’s been a whirlwind. After only 2 weeks in Dondo we left for Pemba, one of the main Iris Ministries bases in the north of Mozambique, for a leadership conference. It was a great experience, we got to hear our organization’s leaders express their heart and vision for the ministry and clarify direction for all the bases, listen to some great teachings, and meet the leaders from Iris bases all over the world and see the different works they are doing and hear their testimonies. We were also able to meet with our leaders and clarify some questions and miscommunications that had happened, which was so needed. On that note, please do pray for our communication, as it seems to be frequently under serious spiritual attack, with misunderstandings happening constantly. Somehow important information is always being warped; between missionaries, between missionaries and Mozambicans, between us and our leaders, everywhere. It causes lots of confusion and hurt and damage, and we really need prayer that it will stop. Overall the trip was a very beneficial time and well worth the two day journey over rough roads with a baby in the car (Kyran did great both ways!).

We have two conferences coming up that we are preparing for now. The first will be fairly small, with about 150-200 people attending, while the second will be huge, closer to 2,000-4,000 people. The base is all a flurry of activity getting ready—building fences and latrines and bath houses, fixing up visitor housing, planning for meals and clean up teams, and dozens of other details in preparation. Please pray that all the preparations will go smoothly, but more than that pray that lives will be changed at the conferences. The last time a conference was held in Dondo, God showed up in a powerful way and many people were touched. We want to see Him move like that here again! In our updates we try to share more of the positive things and testimonies, but Dondo truly is held in a powerful grip of darkness that we are constantly warring against. We are surrounded by witchcraft, animism, Islam, prostitution, theft, lying, and violence in our town, and even within the churches of Dondo there is lots of fighting, jealousy, sin, and slander. Satan has had a foothold here for a long time, and it feels spiritually darker than most places we have been. We know that God is so much greater, but we need lots of diligent prayer to change the atmosphere here—to break down the stronghold that has been established for far too long.

One praise report is that it we haven’t been taken to court yet and the possibilities of that happening are getting smaller and smaller. While we were in the states, we were given an order to appear in court over a dispute with one of our workers. When the judge found out we weren’t in the states, he told the prosecuting worker to wait until we got back to bring charges against us, but he hasn’t yet. Thank God for that!

Thank you for your prayers,

~Carla, Jon, and Kyran Reinagel

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