While the law gives ample freedoms and rights to the citizens of Mozambique, daily people are struggling because they don’t know them. Women in abusive relationships don’t know what is normal behavior or not, students at school are not aware of their educational rights, and citizens are not aware of their rights when they own land. This lack of knowledge makes disputes complex and often unwinnable for the less connected or educated.
While the overall problems are complex, there are simple solutions that can bring about tremendous change. One of these is simply making it easier to understand and access the law. With a better understanding of the law, local authority interactions with citizens will be smoother and there is less space for abuses of the law.

We want to help educate Mozambican people about the laws of their country so they can know their rights and have a healthier relationship with accountable authorities. Currently, average citizens have no easy way to access legal information. We aim to put “a lawyer in every pocket” with Juris, an easy-to-navigate and easy-to-understand mobile app that will help citizens abide by the law, empower them to stand up for their rights, and enable them to resolve conflicts peacefully. We partnered with a Christian lawyers association called AMAC, they work to interpret Mozambican laws into clear language then we create audio recordings of those interpretations along with illustrations, link the interpretations back to the original law, and make all of this available in a free app. This would give everyone who owns an internet-capable phone (about 5.4 million people, 18% of the population) 24/7 access to life-changing legal information.