Media Training in Mozambique

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We asked Mozambican church leaders where they most needed training. Their answer might surprise you…

Media Training in Mozambique

What comes to your mind when you think about Africa? Mud huts? Extreme poverty? Lack of access to electricity or running water? Though that is the reality for many Mozambicans, those problems and their solutions are at least well understood here and churches frequently have leaders who are able to deal with these issues. So when our Mozambican partners ask us for advice and training, their questions are frequently centered around technology: which computers, cameras, or editing software are the best? How do we use them?

Technology is advancing rapidly here in Mozambique, and presents massive opportunities… for those who know how to use it.

While many churches can see the opportunities available to reach their communities and country through expanded communications and media, few have the capacity to do it. What they do accomplish, they do with much less training and far fewer resources than American churches that are even 1/10 the size. Much of the technical knowledge and experience that an American would take for granted is regarded as completely new information here.

In a large church, the potential for impact through videos, photos, and other types of media is immense.

Meet Erin and Melissa, two people who were able to use their skills in videography and photography for advancing the kingdom of God in Mozambique. When they started planning their trip here, we set up training opportunities for them to share their expertise with our Mozambican friends and partners. They equipped the media teams from 3 different local churches that were badly in need of some input to increase their impact.

Erin & Melissa

Here are some testimonies from those training sessions!

“Day 1 of Media Training found Erin and I sitting there in front of a dozen Mozambicans. I was full of nerves, being the ‘professional’ in the room, having traveled across the globe to impart some sort of video/media wisdom to this group. For a moment it was confusing. I had to keep reminding myself that that no, I wasn’t that high schooler way back when, making videos in the backyard with my neighbors. In this instance, I was indeed the professional and had to remind myself that I knew that I had more resources and knowledge to give out than what my nerves told me. A crazy thing happened as I spoke and our Equip Moz friends interpreted: our ‘students’ started taking notes. People asked questions. Our students were thinking critically and going levels deep, spurring discussion and even more questions.

It was only the first day, but already I was in awe of what God had orchestrated for our time in Beira. Mozambicans who had a passion for Christ and a desire or skill in digital media were eager to unite for the first time and learn how they could better use videos to impact thousands at their local churches.”


Learning how to set up and conduct an interview

“The training for me, personally, was very good because we got better at working in certain areas; principally, in some areas of filming. Now, we’re filming in a professional way. We also learned how to do video editing with more creativity, and the organization of how to work in a team.”

-Dino, Media Leader

“As Erin and Melissa presented new ideas and strategies, I looked around the table and saw excitement dawning in my friends’ faces. We were finally getting the answers to the problems and frustrations we’d discussed in countless media team meetings, and learning way to avoid the issues that invariably crop up with every video project we’ve worked on together. The media leaders have been given more of the tools they need to do the jobs that they’re so dedicated to doing, and now many of our media meeting discussions have shifted from frustration that we can’t do things well to planning and creating strategies for how to do things in a better way. The change was especially evident during a recent International Convention, when we were given a very short space of time in which to create promotional material, six separate videos, as well as film, edit and distribute videos of the conference itself. Thanks to our improved organizational skills and Erin and Melissa’s training, the work went much, much more smoothly than I know it would have otherwise.”


Video editing!

“Some of the things that we used to do, we thought were right, but they weren’t. Now we know what’s right and what’s wrong and how to do better.”

Learning in the classroom, and then putting it all into practice with video assignments. The final class project was to create a ‘tourism video’ of our neighborhood. The results were entertaining, to say the least, and everyone had fun learning to use cameras, reflectors, and the interview, organizational, and filming techniques we’d discussed during the previous class sessions.

“The training improved lots of things. When we used to film, we didn’t have a plan made beforehand: how to create a project, how to film, what exactly we wanted. Now we’re able to get the good material that we need. Now, when there’s an error, we notice it quickly. Our congregation has commented on the improvement of our videos.”
-Abel, Media Leader, Igreja Tabernáculo Aliança da Fé

What about you?

Though they were only here for a short time, the training that Erin and Melissa provided has made a lasting impact in the media departments of three of Beira’s major churches. Their willingness to come and share what they know has been a blessing to the body of Christ here in Beira, Mozambique.

Do you have a skill or ability to share? Would you be willing to come and be a blessing to the church here in Mozambique?

If the answer is ‘yes’, then we have a place for you.

Praise Reports:

  • Teamwork! Media teams from different churches, who had not worked together before, are now sharing knowledge, resources and ideas.
  • That the training and Erin & Melissa’s visit all went well
  • That the Mozambican and American churches are working well in partnership

Prayer Requests:

  • Impact; that teams would continue to use and improve their skills to serve their churches and God
  • More people with the heart to train others
  • More connections between the Mozambican church and the American church

Thanks for reading, please remember us in your prayers!

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