Outreach Time!

Hey All,

Many thanks for all the prayers you all have blessed us with, we appreciate them! We’ve been continuing to help anywhere and everywhere needed here in the Pemba base, they always manage to find some odd jobs for us to do to stay busy and useful. We are so glad we can bless
them with the talents we have to offer.

Last Thursday we got to go on a village outreach that was quite fun. We all piled onto a flatbed truck with about a dozen of the Iris pastors-in-training (they have a Bible school going on right now), and drove for about 1 1/2 hours to a little village. We were quite the spectacle since the people probably haven’t seen a white person in 2 years or more–kids crowded around us constantly just to stare. We tried to talk to some people, but most of them didn’t even speak
Portuguese–only the Makua tribal language. We unloaded the equipment–a generator (the town didn’t have electricity), a big white screen, a sound system, and a projector, and they started playing worship music. Once it got dark we played the Jesus film translated into Makua, and the crowd kept growing and growing as the movie went on until the Mozambican pastor estimated there were over 2,000 people there. After the film one of the Mozambican pastors preached the gospel message, Jon got to share a testimony of what God has done in his life, then they had everyone who wanted to accept Christ for the first time pray to receive Him. Hands went up everywhere (too many to count, sorry), it was so exciting! After that they called everyone who was sick or in pain to come forward for prayer, and we got to see bunches of people healed–headaches, eye problems, back pains, everything! I spent a lot of time before and after the film with one 13-year-old girl who was partially blind, just holding her and praying
for her, but I don’t know if she got any of her sight back. I can’t wait to see more miracles like that.

Wednesday we went on a medical outreach to a nearby village where Iris has a small children’s center. There’s another visitor here now who has some medical training and there was one of the Iris nurses there, but I had to learn quickly what to do. Most of what I got to do consisted of cleaning and bandaging dirty and infected cuts and wounds, treating the kids who had a nasty fungus on their heads, and spreading stuff on their arms to get rid of scabies. The more serious
problems went to the people with a little more experience, and Jon prayed for people as they left.

Feeding the village children every day is still going well. It’s pretty amazing, we’re quite sure God is multiplying the food because it doesn’t matter if we have 100 or 300 kids–every day the kitchen gives us the same amount of food, every day all the children eat, and every day there are no leftovers. I’m thinking we only get enough food for 100 max, but God makes it possible for everyone to eat anyway when there are more, so that’s exciting! We try to tell them Bible stories
while they wait for the food to arrive, and always explain how they apply to their lives. Though sometimes the feedings seem absolutely hectic and chaotic, I still enjoy serving them in this way. Now every time I go out into the village I hear children calling my name all over the place, it’s fun :-).

Some of our Praises would include:
* Being able to stay in Pemba as long as we have
* That the outreaches went well this week

Prayer Requests this time are:
* Jon’s health, he has a lingering cold that is getting annoying
* Guidance for a few decisions we need to make about our time here

In HIS Hands,
~Carla and Jon Reinagel

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