Lúcio Tomás, a 24-year-old young single who has been part of Equip Mozambique for  3 years. He deals with the issue of the kitchen, cleaning and machinery. He says that when he arrived at the Team he did not know how to cook, currently he says he learned to cook at the Team and grew as an individual in responsibility and character. In addition to his duties, he is also learning about the hardware. Lúcio feels empowered by the team with the growth classes that we have been taking during the meetings, he learned to create healthy relationships as one of the greatest values of the Association, and he is very happy about that. In the future, he would like to visit Brazil and open a rehabilitation center in Mozambique to help people row against drugs because he believes that God has given him this calling. Lastly, Lucio feels gratified with the EM for giving him an opportunity to grow in these areas of his life when he needed it most.