School Time!

Hello all you beautiful people!
Just a quickie update, we had a blast at the Dondo base even though we were only there for a few days. It’s a much smaller base than the other ones we’ve been to, but they have a big vision. Their orphanage has about about 30 kids, but the exciting thing is they have a program for orphans living in the villages, like I mentioned in the last update, just to help support and empower family members to take care of kids so they can still grow up in a family and community. They only have 4 missionaries right now, 2 of which were gone on furlough when we visited, and the director is a fiery Brazilian lady who just exudes the presence of the Holy Spirit.
Now we are back in Pemba for the school, and so far really enjoying getting to know our fellow students. We are sharing a house with 6 girls/women (ages ranging from 19-47), and we’re officially the “house parents,” so we get to lead the small group gatherings and fun stuff like that. Classes start tomorrow, but God’s presence is already thick all over the compound, and there is a beautiful bond of unity already in place. We have had some amazing worship times together, and we’re all looking forward to what God has in store for us and the others during our time here! I know that we’ll learn as much if not more from each other as we will from the official sessions, everyone has so many testimonies and stories to share.
Yesterday was a national holiday called Children’s Day, and since kids are the focus of the ministry anyway they got a special day at the base :-). After church we served a chicken dinner (BIG treat–some of these village kids only get chicken 2-3 times a year, usually just from the base here) to all 3,000+/- people. It took all 150 of us new students and visitors to manage the crowds, but it all went off without TOO big a riot :-). Then we played games with the kids in a big field, and I was in charge of the sack race. Boy, was I glad I spoke some Portuguese, don’t think I could have managed without it! It was fun though, just to give the kids some fun experiences like they’ve never had in their lives. At the end we formed a double line to escort the kids out of the base, praying over them as they walked by and received a candy bag for coming.
* Safe travel on buses and planes to get to Dondo and here!
* Amazing fellow students to learn from and fellowship with
* We’re still in relatively good health
Prayer Requests:
* Continued unity among housemates and other students
* Teachable spirits open to every opportunity to learn from every experience
* Guidance with spending our time
Thank you all for being so faithful in lifting us up! It’s fun to think back on all the requests that we have sent you in the past that we have seen answers to. Everything from speed in learning the language to safe travel to getting our visas… your prayers are powerful and effective, please keep them up!
God bless,

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