There and Back Again: A Reinagels Tale ? 1/2

After 2 months of traveling around the States, the Reinagels have returned to Mozambique on the eve of our 2-year anniversary of our arrival in Beira! This will be one of two newsletters with some highlights from the trip.

Family Reunions

We started off the trip in breath-taking Colorado with Carla’s family, who all drove or flew in from around the States and the world to all get together. It had been about 5 years since all of Carla’s siblings were in the same place, so that was special! Toward the end of our US visit we got to meet up with much of Jon’s extended family in Tennessee, and we had a good time playing games and connecting with them as well.

Church presentations

We were invited to speak at 4 churches that hold a special place in our hearts. It was exciting to be able to share in person what we’ve been up to and how people can partner with us, even from afar. The prayers and support from these churches and many individuals in them are what keep us going, and we are grateful for each one of them.

Sewing School Sales

We brought with us about 2 full suitcases of items the ladies of the sewing school had made, and had fabulous success with selling them! Proceeds from those sales all go to improving these women’s lives and growing the sewing program to impact even more women. A friend put us in contact with an antique mall in Rolla, Missouri, that offered to donate a display space as long as we can keep it stocked! We are thrilled to have at least one permanent presence in the States now, and the plan is to find more locations and move on to establishing an online store next to have a much wider reach.

As a side note, the fundraiser we launched earlier this year to expand the school finished out 100% funded, so a big THANK YOU to everyone who contributed or shared the need!

Grateful for the generous donation of the Old Towne Antiques booth!

Stay tuned for our next newsletter with more about our State-side time; it was just too much to share at once!

Praise Reports:

  • Safe travels to, within, and from the States
  • Great connections–both old and new!
  • That the sewing school’s products sold well and is now is fully funded to grow

Prayer Requests:

  • That we would be able to face some new challenges with wisdom
  • That we would finally be able to register our organization in Mozambique–a process that has been a long time coming but is now more important than ever
  • There will be a large evangelism event in our city of Beira next week–please pray it goes well and that the local churches can unite their efforts to make it a success for the Kingdom!

Thanks for reading, please remember us in your prayers!

The conveniences are great, but what we miss most about the States is the little joys like this: bedtime stories with grandparents. So glad we got to be back for a while to enjoy family time!


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