Zambezi Flood Relief

Hello, all of our wonderful Prayer Warriors!

Just yesterday we heard from the team in the Zambezi River area that they are in desperate need of more help, and though they don’t usually let visitors do that kind of thing they managed to clear permission for us to go down and help! We are very excited, but this means we will need all that much more prayer. First of all, pray that we will get permission to land the 4-seater Iris plane on a military runway that is the hub of all the relief efforts we were trying to bring to the people who are stranded in the floods. In fact, if we don’t get this one simple permission, we won’t be going and all the relief for that area will be cut off completely.

If we do go, we will either be leaving today in a truck for a 2-day journey (over unpaved roads) or tomorrow in the plane for a 2-hour journey. Which transportation we will take depends on some decisions the leadership here have to make. While we’re down there we will be staying at a small Iris children’s center in a village called Morrumbala and going out every day to buy tons of food and take it to the victims. The area we are trying to reach is only accessible by plane, to try to get food to them on the ground it would take a 6-hour truck drive to a 2-mile single-file foot bridge where we would have to carry each 100-pound bag of rice one at a time… so again please pray the plane will be allowed to land where we need it to.

We don’t know yet how long we will be down there, but I do know that we won’t have running water or electricity, let alone internet for more updates. Expect a fairly long silence from us followed by an exciting update whenever we do have internet access again :-).

So our prayer requests this time are:
* Permission to land the plane on the military runway
* Favor with the government in the area, that they will allow us to bring the food to the people
* Safe travel for us either by land or air
* Health, as we will be exposed to all kinds of new diseases and problems
* That God would provide every day the finances, people, and transportation to get food to the victims
* That the flood victims would realize their spiritual hunger even more than their physical hunger, and want to know about God
* We were very blessed by a church in our hometown who sent us $2,000 to help with the flood relief, so also pray for guidance as we spend that–that it will go to the people who need it most.

In God’s service,
~Carla and Jon Reinagel

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