Breaking the Cycle of Poverty through Discovery, Partnership, and Empowerment of godly Mozambican leaders.


We walk into a bulk food store and tell the Pakistani owner what we need. He yells at his Mozambican workers to fetch our items and help carry our boxes to the car. We walk into a housewares store, and behind the cash register is a Chinese businesswoman who rings up our purchases. We walk into an air-conditioned grocery store, and the owner is South African. Finally we get to buy directly from Mozambicans, but it is just bananas from some women with a street-side fruit stand. Most businesses that have a building are owned and operated by outsiders, and the Mozambican enterprises are small and have very little hope for growth. It doesn't take an economist to figure out that a country will stay poor if most of the money is made by foreigners.

To help develop the economy, we have been teaching Mozambicans how to have more successful businesses, how to cooperate rather than compete with other Mozambicans, and how important it is to operate with integrity. Jon is currently helping three people get their new enterprises off the ground. Jon has also started some classes called "Businessmen of the Kingdom", teaching many entrepreneurs both practical strategies and Biblical principles.

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