Obstacles to Bible Access

Obstacles to Bible Access


We believe in the importance for people to hear God’s Word in their heart language. Many individuals and organizations are actively working on the obstacle of translation, and the Bible is now available in the native tongues of billions of people.  


Even when a Bible translation is complete, it often must be accompanied by literacy training, as many people in these language groups have very little access to formal education. A more natural format for them to learn is through audio means. 


Another barrier is the physical distribution of Bibles to remote areas. Some organizations have surmounted both of the previous obstacles to create solar-powered audio Bible players, but even these need a distribution method. 

Audio Bibles in Many Languages

Audio Bibles in Many Languages

Relevant medium and available format

Some people can't read, or don't read well. Some people don't have access to a Bible. Some people speak a lesser-known language. All of them need God's Word in their lives, but how are they supposed to get it?

We created an audio Bible app made specifically for Portuguese-speaking African countries, so that people can experience God's message of hope:
1. In their heart language
2. With a medium that is more relevant than text
3. On a device that many of them already own
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