Empowering Mozambicans of Character to Change Their Country

Who We Are

We are a group of passionate people who believe in Mozambique. We aim to see hope where others despair, leadership where others overlook, and unity and partnership where others see strife and division.

What We Do

Our mission is to Empower Mozambicans of character to transform their country.

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Meet the Team!

Carla Reinagel

Board Secretary and COO
Carla Reinagel grew up in a missionary family, living on Youth With A Mission ...

Lúcio Tomas

Lúcio Tomás, a 24-year-old young single who has been part of ...

Paulo Rosa

Graphic designer
Paulo Rosa is a very intelligent and skilled young adult. He loves to take ...

Bernardo Magira

National Director and Board Member
Bernardo Magira started out as a member of our board of directors and has ...

Maria Francisco

Sewing Teacher
Maria Francisco was one of the first students in the Restoring Hope sewing ...