About Equip Mozambique

The mission of Equip Mozambique is to break the cycles of physical poverty and spiritual darkness in Mozambique through educating, equipping, and empowering godly Mozambican leaders.

Instead of the outsiders coming up with projects, we prefer Mozambican-initiatives, training them up and providing any resources they need to be able to run with their own vision. These Mozambicans will transform their own culture and nation far more effectively than we ever could as foreigners.

Our foundational verse is John 15:16, which challenges us to “bear fruit that remains”, so our goal is to focus on projects and activities that foster discipleship, relationship, development, and long-term transformation.

Equip Mozambique is a non-denominational organization that seeks to unite the Body of Christ across cultural and denominational lines. With this in mind, we delight in doing projects and events that bring different churches together. We have partnerships with many pastors and churches here in Mozambique and abroad who come from all over the Christian spectrum, we just strive to forget about our petty differences and keep our eyes on Jesus and bringing His Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.


Jon and Carla Reinagel founded Equip Mozambique in 2014. They had previously served as missionaries in Mozambique from 2008-2011 and after a few years in the States they heard God calling them to return. They formed a team of intercessors and practical helpers, registered the organization and developed a board of directors, recruited one other missionary to join their effort, and arrived in Beira, Mozambique in November of 2014.

The first months were spent doing on-ground research into how to make the best kind of impact, and in developing relationships with the Mozambicans who would later become crucial parts of the team. One of the first projects was a mobile-friendly audio Bible website that later in 2016 evolved into an app called “Fonte da Vida”, or “Fountain of Life”.

In 2015 the “Restoring Hope” sewing school began, which has empowered many widows and single mothers with skills to rise out of poverty. Early 2017 saw the start of a third means to educate and empower Mozambicans through opening a Christian library, “Biblioteca Beireano”. While the projects have evolved and changed over time, the heart to bear lasting fruit (John 15:16) has remained the same, and it will continue to guide and direct future ventures as well.

The Organization

Equip Mozambique is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization and is governed by a joint American-Mozambican board of directors. We are fortunate enough to have donors, volunteers, and organizational partnerships on both sides of the Atlantic but we are always interested in creating an even stronger network of those who are interested in helping Mozambique.