Vision and Values

God’s Leading and Empowerment

  • An active, vibrant, personal relationship with God is at the core of this organization, and we believe that all fruitfulness comes from this connection to the Creator.
  • We believe in partnering with what God is already doing, so we value His guidance in all decisions. We expect this partnership to result in greater productivity, as we believe God cares about ministry and helping people even more than we do, and we will follow His initiative.
  • We believe that God is still alive and active in our lives through the living Word (the Bible) and the work of the Holy Spirit. We welcome the Holy Spirit to work in us and through us by means of spiritual gifts, and look to scripture for solutions to every problem we face.
  • We trust that God’s provision is all encompassing and that He will provide for our every need as long as we walk in faith and trust in Him. Therefore we do not ask other people for our needs, but allow God to provide for us through others as He lays on their hearts.
  • Because we are working for God, we value giving our absolute best and working with integrity.


Life-changing Relationships

  • We believe that Christ’s mandate to make disciples is paramount, and as such we value relationships that are deep, transparent, honest, and result in lives transformed to be more Christ-like.
  • Because we value depth and fruit that will last, the focus of Equip Mozambique will be to develop fully transformed disciples rather than focusing on the number of new believers.
  • We value placing people in roles that fit their spiritual gifts, to increase both their effectiveness and enjoyment in the works they are called to do.


Educational Empowerment

  • One of the ultimate goals of Equip Mozambique is to help break the cycle of poverty in Mozambique through empowering leaders and business people through a quality, practical education.
  • We believe that the guidance of the Holy Spirit can enable people to lead more effectively.  Therefore all education–both formal and informal–will be given with a biblical foundation and focused on following the model of Christ.
  • We believe in cross-education between Mozambicans and mature Christians of other nations. We value raising the status, value, and self-worth of the Mozambicans by not only teaching them, but also asking them to teach us from their areas of strength.



  • We believe every person has inherent value as a creation of God, and we regard all people–missionaries, senders, prayer warriors and intercessors, as well as Mozambican pastors, leaders, and lay people–as complete equals.
  • Because we believe that no one is more important than anyone else, all believers are able and expected to be actively involved in ministry and exercising the spiritual gifts God has given them to benefit and edify the whole body of Christ. We believe in the priesthood of all believers, and we desire to help all people we disciple to discover and actively participate in the part they play in the whole body of Christ.
  • Mozambicans are neither more nor less important than Americans or people from other countries and we strive to incorporate them in everything including planning, organization, vision-casting, and problem solving.
  • We value teaching the importance of everyone in the body of Christ, and using every part to its fullest.