Fountain of life bible app


For hundreds of years, people and organizations have been working across the globe to translate the Bible into the heart languages of every tribe, tongue, and nation on earth. However, once the translation work is finished, there is not nearly as much effort placed on distributing the Bible to the people they were made for in ways they understand it. But the struggle isn’t just with translating the Bible; the most difficult challenge is actually getting people to read a book that is the first written material in their language!

Fortunately for us, there are many people that have a device that functions as an audio player and can access the internet – a cell phone! While Mozambique is very poor by international standards, there are over 1,000,000 active smart phones. Data is very cheap and even in comparison to its wealthier neighbors, there are more Mozambicans that use the internet on their phones.

Equip Mozambique has created an app called “Fonte da Vida” or “Fountain of Life” to make the translation and recording work of other organizations more readily available to anyone with a smartphone. Initially launched in Mozambique in August 2016, version 3.0 in April 2017 spread to the rest of the Portuguese-speaking nations of Africa, complete with all the native languages of those countries. In the future, we plan on opening up opportunities for more countries and more languages, and add more resources to the app.
In addition to audio Bibles, the app features sermons and discipleship materials from the local churches in their languages. For those who can read well, there are also public-domain e-books to assist in Bible study, such as commentaries, dictionaries, and geography resources. We are always looking for developers and other people to help internationally – please e-mail us if you are interested!

Traditional Distribution App Distribution
Time from new recording to distribution takes years – printing, importing, and distributing Time from new recording to distribution takes minutes
A full Bible in a native translation can be over $20 A low-cost smart phone and Bible download can be as little as $17
Bible resources are rare and extremely expensive Bible resources are cheap and easily-accessible
Only international organizations able to distribute resources due to costs Local churches able to develop and distribute resources in their languages
Print Bibles are dependent on high literacy levels for the recipients to use them Audio Bibles and resources are accessible to both literate and illiterate audiences