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Maria Bernardo

Maria Bernardo, a mother of 2 lovely children. She is very humble, loves to spend her time with people around her and read the Bible. Maria works in the cleaning area for one year and she is happy with what she has been doing here because it has contributed in cultivating a safe, clean and healthy environment. Maria says that, she has learned a lot with the Bible Study meetings and the teachings related to financial growth, and these things has brought a lot of great change in her life and she is thankful to God for this opportunity. Her dream is to finish building her house and to help some other widows just like her.

Cecilia Sandra

Cecilia Sandra is a very simple and pleasant woman who became part of the team since 2017. She works as one of the teachers in the sewing school and loves working and teaching these beautiful ladies very much. Here is what Cecilia has to say about EM “I learned many things like communicating and relating in a healthy way with co-workers, loving each person around me, my sewing skills have developed to a greater extent, I have also learned to help those in need and, finally, to forgive others as the Bible says. ” One of Cecilia's big dreams is to be a famous seamstress and open stores internationally to sell African products like the clothes she ...

Memory Juliasse

Memory Juliasse, a very strong and faithful young women. She recently became part of the team since January 2020, and she works as the Translator and Secretary of the EM. Memory says: "it has been a great challenge to be part of such a great team since it's my first time to work with different people as a team, however, this has been bringing more maturity to me especially on the relationship part." Her dream is to be a gospel musician and help spread the word of God through using the powerful tools that EM offers on learning to Restore Hope and Dreams in the lives of those in need.

Paulo Rosa

Paulo Rosa is a very intelligent and skilled young adult. He loves to take challenges, learn new things, have funny with his colleagues, he is always laughing and doesn’t easily get offended because he is very patient and careful with how others feel around him. He has been part of the EM since 2018 as the Graphic Designer and he has also been developing in some other skills that he already had, for example, in the area of UX & UI (development of new mobile and web applications). He dreams to open an orphanage to help disadvantaged children reach their visions and goals.

Ebel Diogo

Ebel Chimunthu or Bello as everyone calls him, joined Equip Mozambique in 2018 to be part of the technology team, passionate about technology and with an experience of already some years working in the area, sees the opportunity to be an instrument in the hands of God to bless his nation, Our vision came as God's answer to what can be done for Mozambique. He is Married to Ezir and together has a lovely daughter Isabelle

Francisco Marage

Francisco Marage is a young youth who has been part of the Equip Mozambique Team since July 2019 as Agricultural Technic. He also works as the one responsible for keeping the organization's accessories (such as the electricity, water pumping and other stuff like that) in good functioning. Through the leadership training that the EM offers, he has been learning a lot to develop a stronger and healthy relationship with God and with others around him. Being part of the team has been bringing a great benefit to him and he loves to empower people with what he learns. His great dream is to be able to develop a project with the same values of EM ​​and to ...

Edson Jorge Francisco

Edson Jorge Francisco is a dedicated father of a son named Nedson Chazak. He is very intelligent and works with the programming, repairing and maintenance of the computers.  He has been also growing spiritually through reading the books of our library. However, he feels that the more important way EM has empowered him is through the leadership training meetings, especially on creating healthy relationships with the others, and he will make a difference to the society using these tools. Lastly, his plans in the future is to open a music school and an office of IT consultation so that he also would be able to empower the youth in the same ...

Isabel Coelho

Isabel Coelho, graduated in Business Administration and Management in 2017. Proactive and focused on results, Isabel is happy to face challenges. She has been part of our Team since 2018 as a Marketing and Media Technician, serving as support in the creation and planning of our Team's marketing strategies. Isabel has a taste for facing challenges and always works with high regard for our Association and meeting deadlines. Passionate about books, she is very motivated and grateful for the existence of a Library in the team, in order to explore the books.

Kristen Harris

Kristen Harris is a data analyst and avid community leader from Saginaw, Michigan. After college she worked for AT&T for nearly 12 years, and is now a financial analyst with the Great Lakes Bay Health Centers. She served as the  president of her chapter of JCI, and community service and professional development organization, and was also president of the Philanthropic Education Organization supporting women’s education. Kristen is a passionate follower of Jesus and loves studying theology for a deeper understanding of God. She enjoys all kinds of crafts, cooking with and selling Pampered Chef products, and spending time with her dog, Samson...

Tim Mengler

Tim Mengler is the founding and lead pastor of Vineyard Christian Church of Crystal Lake. Tim founded the Vineyard church in 2005 after graduating from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School with a Masters of Divinity. Ministry is second career for Tim; after earning a degree in horticulture, Tim owned and operated a landscape design build firm for 15 years. Tim has been actively involved in African missions since 2013 helping to lead and train pastors with a focus in Senegal and Mozambique. Tim has also been actively involved in local community leadership through the Crystal Lake Chamber of Commerce, serving on the board of the Crystal Lake Food ...